Posted by: Jennifer Mayerle | February 21, 2011

Do You Know Where Ivan Gonzales Is?

Gwinnett County Police want to find Ivan Gonzales. He is the man in the picture. He has a tattoo of Jesus on his leg and his nose may be charred from fire.

He’s wanted on murder charges involving the deaths of three young children, Stacy Brito, 1, Ivan Guevara, 3, and Isaac Guevara, 4. Police believe they died because of a fire started in their home from a meth lab ignited by Ivan Gonzales.

When I went to cover the fire in Lilburn Thursday afternoon, it started as if I covering any other fire. Then we learned children were involved and may be hurt. Often in breaking news situations, information changes and we get updates and new information coming all the time.

We learned there was an incredible act of bravery by two 19-year-olds. Josh Caste and Conor Walsh were driving down Five Forks Trickum Road in Lilburn when they saw smoke coming from a home. They heard a mother yelling that her children were trapped inside. Without regard for their personal safety, they climbed on top of the second story home. Josh gave Conor his shirt to cover his face, and Conor went inside. He pulled out each child, one by one. Visably upset later in the evening, their one concern was how the kids were and if they were going to make it. Over the next 24 hours, despite their heroic actions, we would learn none of the children survived.

And then the story took another twist. The fire could have been prevented.

Gwinnett County Police told reporters the fire started because of a meth lab inside the home and they were looking for Ivan Gonzales. They believe he may have fled the state and may be headed to Mexico. Police asked for a nation-wide alert to find Gonzales. He is still on the run.

Police have also arrested the children’s mother, Neibi Brito on charges of trafficking in meth. Her first court appearance was Saturday morning.

Three lives were lost in a senseless fire and police need the public to help find the man who they believe caused their deaths. If you know where Ivan Gonzales is, contact police.


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