Posted by: Jennifer Mayerle | April 22, 2011

What Makes A Mother Of 5 Disappear?

Normally, this is where I would write extra information about a story I did. But, this one is serious and bizarre. So instead, I’m posting the story I posted to Read for yourself and take a look at the story. See what you think…

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Abed & Wazineh Suleiman

Husband Of Formerly Missing Bartow County Woman: ‘I’m Going To Kill You’
Abed Suleiman Talks About Where She Was, Why She Left
By Jennifer Mayerle, CBS Atlanta Reporter

Abed Suleiman is clearing up questions about where his wife was for six days and why she left her five kids and husband. Wazineh Suleiman did not want to talk on camera or with reporters.

“There was a lack of communication there. I was so blind to some of this, I couldn’t see any of this coming,” said Abed Suleiman.

Abed Suleiman admits he is partly to blame for his wife’s disappearance. Wazineh Suleiman went missing after her husband returned from a trip unexpectedly to find the kids home alone. They exchanged heated text messages.

“She’s like, ‘Oh crap, I just lied to him, he’s home.’ She’s like, ‘He’s going to kill me, he’s going to kill me.’ I even told her in a text message, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” he said.

For days people searched for the missing mother of five, wondering what would make her leave her children behind. Suleiman admits he’s pushed Wazineh Suleiman before, but said it was all in the past.

“Give me some space, and maybe you know, but nothing physical where I would punch her or knock her out or hospitalize her or anything like that, no,” said Abed Suleiman.

But that threatening text message apparently scared her enough to sleep in her car in an empty parking lot her first night away. Suleiman said she spent the next few days in a women’s shelter in Cobb County. Suleiman said he’s convinced she left because of what her actions meant in the Muslim culture.

“She didn’t leave here because she feared for her life. She left because it’s a great dishonor and disgrace and to us that’s a lot when you do that to your husband and your family,” said Abed Suleiman.

Suleiman said when his wife came home, she admitted she needed a break.

“Everyone refers to my wife as a supermom, superwoman, superwife. She snapped. She’s like, ‘I can’t handle this anymore,’” he said.

Now the couple wants others to learn from what they went through.

“It’s very important to communicate. Never ever, even resort to the smallest white lie,” said Abed Suleiman.

The two had an arranged marriage when they were teenagers. Abed Suleiman said he will never tell or text his wife that he’ll kill her again. He also said the kids were so happy to have their mom home; they hugged her and wouldn’t let go.


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