Posted by: Jennifer Mayerle | June 23, 2011

The Emmy’s, the Triple Crown & Honoring Ann Bartlett

CBS Atlanta News at the Emmys

Congratulations to CBS Atlanta News for winning 5 Emmys Saturday night. It was a fun night to see everyone dressed up and especially nice to watch some of my colleagues win.

I previously won an Emmy for a story I did at my former station, WKRG, and I attended the ceremony in Miami. This was my first time going to the Emmy’s in Atlanta. I was fortunate to have Sara Wolf-Mixon of Tootsies (Shops Around Lenox) style me. She picked a great Nicole Miller dress for me to wear — thanks Sara!

Thanks to Sara Wolf-Mixon at Tootsies for styling me & picking the perfect dress!

It was a great feeling when CBS Atlanta won the Emmy for Continuing Coverage for the entry titled, Ann Bartlett Investigation. Ann Bartlett called 911 when her home caught fire. DeKalb County firefighters responded but when they couldn’t find an address in the caul-de-sac where they were searching, they never walked around the home to see if there was a fire and if Ann was OK. Hours later, a neighbor called 911. By that time the home was fully engulfed in flames. Ann did not survive.

I kept in touch with Bartlett’s daughters, and on the day they sued DeKalb County, they gave me the exclusive interview. Photographer Jon Goss and I talked to them about their mom, what she went through and the changes they wanted to see made at the DeKalb County Fire Department.

Jon and I were honored with the Georgia Associated Press Broadcasters Association Award, an Edward R. Murrow award and now an Emmy, completing the “triple-crown” for this story.

Completes the Triple Crown

While it’s nice to have our work recognized, the real recognition should go to the Bartlett family. I feel like these awards signify the depth of the impact Ann Bartlett, and what happened to her, had on the community, her family and beyond.

Ann Bartlett


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