Posted by: Jennifer Mayerle | September 9, 2011

Looking back at 9/11

Where were you 10 years ago? Do you remember the moment you heard a plane hit the World Trade Center? Then when a second plane hit the second tower?

I vividly remember where I was. I was standing in the KWES newsroom in Midland/Odessa, TX. It was my first reporting job out of college. I was one year in, working for the local NBC station. I had just finished The Today Show local news cut-ins. I walked off set and into the newsroom and immediately turned my attention to the TV’s in the newsroom.

Breaking News: a plane hit the World Trade Center. As I watched live, I saw the second plane hit. There was only a few of us in the newsroom. We all froze. We couldn’t believe what we were witnessing. We didn’t know what to do.

Soon the wheels started turning again and we realized we had to mobilize.

My first stop was the airport. This was unforgettable. Our 4pm show producer, DeeDee, was on the last flight landing in Midland. We were there to greet the flight. As DeeDee exited the plane and saw my photographer and I, she burst into tears. They had learned about the attack while in the air. Her world changed in that hour flight from Dallas to Midland.


I spent the rest of day moving from location to location. I remember showing up at a blood bank. The line was snaked around the corner. People were distraught, desperate. Most felt helpless and wanted to feel like somehow, in their small way, they were making a difference. So they stood waiting for their turn.

There were some New Yorkers in line, grown men in tears, telling me about how they can’t get in touch with family members. Some had family in the military. Others said they felt it was their patriotic duty — we were in the President’s hometown after all. President George W. Bush grew up in Midland. His mother-in-law still lived there.

Reporting live on 9/11

I have friends who lost friends and family, and in this business have met and heard the stories of too many that lost people they love.

It’s a day I don’t just remember on the anniversary, but one that is forever etched into memory. We will never forget.

Please feel free to leave a post about where you were, how that day changed your life…



  1. All those years ago… Driving into NYC, the skyline has never been the same. My brother Jim and husband Al had returned from a week long kayak trip in Maine. Jim and I were to go into NYC the next day, September 11. However, he was tired and asked if I minded if we didn’t go. I was a little disappointed. I travel into the city once a month with 3 women friends but to be with Jim is to be with a historian! He walked the entire city during his years at Columbia. Anyway, I then went into the kitchen to make breakfast for these two weary travelers, turning on the TV as I always do when in the kitchen. We would have left before the Towers were attacked and often wonder when and how we would have learned of this horrific event. The rest is history.

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